@Eric-Vanular thank you Feedback is very important for me, in west countries its nearly unknown and didnt get attention, even its since last year in development, see the about page. I have plans to make it better, an account system is in planning as well a chrome extension, which will collect youtube video data, so you can be always on track, what you are causing on co2. Unfortunately, Im not a fan of Ads, but its required to get monetize it, well, I have to advertise it on Google, so with the Ads on the site, it give me 20% of the money back what I invest into advertising, not much, but otherwise it didnt get shown up and people recognize it. Sponsors are not available and Investors are not interested in this as its something what people dont like to know^^. Im looking even for volunteer translators, so I can provide it to more people, who didnt speak english well, but yeah, finding volunteers is hard today.