Waste to Resources and the Circular Economy

  • Friends and Community Members of Collective.Energy!

    My name is Cameron and I'm involved with a nonprofit advocacy org supporting the advancement of clean technologies.

    Earlier this year we began a new series of virtual events called Cleantech Live. These events are for people who believe solving climate change is both urgent and possible — and want to be a part of the solution.

    Our format is designed to provide an interactive experience with a mix of learning and discussion:

    • A short talk from an industry expert
    • Audience Q&A
    • Small group breakout room discussions

    In this month's Cleantech Live event, Nick Doyle of TOMRA will be giving a talk exploring how our global problems with resource misuse run far deeper than plastics in the ocean, and raise awareness about the steps companies are taking to drive the advancement of the Circular Economy.

    If you're interested, we'd love for you to join us. It's free to attend and you can get your ticket here.

  • @Cameron-Brown awesome initiative!

    These kinds of virtual events really help to keep the momentum going around climate solutions. Love the action bias 💪

  • @Eric-Vanular - Thanks man! 100% agreed 🙂 Jazzed to keep the learning and connecting going!

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