We finally planted some trees!

  • Hey guys,

    First post here - so glad to find this community! 🙂

    My side hustle is developing a privacy-first browser for Android, called Snap Search. Just last month, I made a commitment to plant a tree for each subscription I receive in a month. 1 subscription = 1 tree, 10 subscriptions = 10 trees etc etc.

    Super happy to share, for our first month, we managed to plant 26 trees in Uganda, dedicated to the Chimpanzees there 😁

    I made a detailed post about it here if you're interested.

    Looking forward to learning and growing with the community. 🥳

  • @RajatVaghani this is a great initiative!

    You should team up with @AlisonL at Ekoru - they're making a search engine alternative to Google which uses its revenue to clean oceans. Seems like a natural fit for someone who wants to be eco friendly in surfing the web

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