Effectiveness of Carbon Credits For Forest Preservation

  • Just read this article. Really interesting read.

    The gist of it is that people focusing on carbon offsets isn't overly productive by itself. Many of the carbon offset projects failed to meet a standard required for any true carbon offset called additionality. What it means is that the environmental gains are only real if the solar farms, windmills, etc would never have been built without the credits.

    The best we can hope for is a program that helps the climate in some unmeasurable way, she said. “That’s what offsets are. And I think that’s the best of what offsets can be.”

    While acknowledging the idea that any change or effort is positive, the idea that offsets might not be as beneficial as we originally anticipated is worth discussing. What are your thoughts on the idea shared by the author here?

  • Wow! Solid reporting here shedding light on an important idea: how we do climate action is just as important as taking action.

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