The climate crisis is scary. Taking action doesn't have to be.

  • I'm Sanchali, Founder at Joro. I started paying attention to the climate crisis about eight years ago, when I saw the documentary Food, Inc. and started realizing just how embedded in our lifestyles carbon emissions are.

    As I tried to figure out what I could do to make a difference, I devoured books, articles, and tried all the footprint calculators I could find.

    The more I searched, the more anxious I got. The energy and climate world was jargony, expert, and convoluted. There was nothing out there that demystified how I could be part of the solution, holistically, as a person.

    That's why I started building Joro: a tool that makes it possible for anyone to take climate action. Because when we live lighter together, we can create a cleaner future.

    We'd love your feedback and ideas:

  • Hey @sanchali, I know I've found myself deep into articles and books outlining sustainable lifestyles, but many times they contradict one another and I end up overwhelmed and confused. I just try to be mindful in everything I do, and live in moderation. I'm interested in knowing more about Joro, what is its approach to help people take climate action?

  • Hi @sanchali, I like your mission with Joro, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

    I love your Team bios, they're fun and inspiring for me. Glad to find you today!

  • Hi @briparks, I definitely hear where you're coming from. I think mindfulness and moderation are such important words to bring to the solution. We want to take action that matters, but going to extremes is usually not the path that will work for most people. By definition, it's not sustainable.

    I started my journey by cutting down meat consumption from ~12x/ week to ~2x per week. That single action helped me reduce my meat consumption by about 2.5 tons in a year - equivalent to taking half a car off the road in a year.

    Being mindful of our choices matters, especially when we do it together. That's the premise behind Joro: Once you can see the effects of your choices, you can make better once, for yourself and for the planet.

    Would love your thoughts on the app and how we can make it useful to people like you!

  • @K-Fitzsimmons Thank you for the kind words! It's so important to remember the power we have when we act together. Every major shift in world history happened because of people like us.

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