Remove your personal Carbon Footprint - Becoming carbon neutral today

  • As individuals we all have a responsibility to look at our own impact on the environment. For me this was acknowledging that it's impossible to live a life without emitting some form of footprint and looking for ways to remove that excess CO₂e from the atmosphere. is my approach to this. We enable people to compensate part or all of their footprint through a monthly subscription.

    Right now we have one confirmed tree-planting partner and negotiations with a direct carbon capture partner ongoing.

    Climate change is complicated but what you can do doesn't have to be.

    All questions and feedback are gratefully received but ultimately if you want to support our project and your own Climate Action Plan please start a subscription today - plans start at $6 to remove 85kg of CO₂ every month.

  • @ewan Cool idea. It would be great to learn more about the tree planting partner that you're using.

  • @ewan Really clean design, great job. Upon doing some investigation, it looks like you're affiliated with What are the main differences between those services?

  • @Pascal-Ramsey Thanks! We actually have two tree planting partners at the moment; One Tree Planted and Eden Reforestation. Both are US charities focused on long term growth of trees as well as social impact

  • @Sam-Hughes Thanks! Really happy to hear you like the design. Yes, Carbon Dashboard is the initial iteration of the project. Carbon Dashboard is the long term project where people can not only compensate but calculate and track their carbon emissions over time - we believe that understanding your own impact is the first step not only to reversing it but also changing your behaviour for the future.

    Carbon Dashboard still lives for the current users there however Carbon Removed is our new product aimed at people who want to take responsibility for their footprint but not have to deal with the calculations etc.

    Are you interested in compensating your footprint?

  • @ewan thanks for sharing with the community here! We love these kind of ideas

  • Yes, remove your carbon footprints results to carbon neutral environment. Our approach is which helps to built the environment free of carbon. It provides the carbon removal certificates. As, they are specialists in Carbon Removal Certificates, Carbon Management, CORCs, and Offsets to prevent the environment from carbon.

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