ClimateCareers — Impactful jobs for climate solutions

  • Hi internet climate friends! I'll Evan, and a group of volunteers and I are building

    We help mission-driven job seekers find high-impact opportunities at organizations working to address climate change — and, we help those organizations attract top talent.

    Our mission: Mobilize the world's talent to solve the climate crisis.

    Our impact framework is inspired by Project Drawdown's climate solutions framework, and we're thrilled to have one of their founders as an advisor.

    If you're interested in what we're working on, here's some ways to get involved:

    Looking for a job?
    --> visit our website! Https://
    --> use code "collective" to post for free.
    Want to contribute to ClimateBase, our open-source climate orgs dataset, or help us out in other ways?
    --> DM or email me!

    We also send a weekly newsletter, featuring new jobs, climate headlines, and updates from our team:

    Would love feedback!

  • Hi @Evan-Hynes, thanks for sharing! Kudos for getting this off the ground. Would love to have a discussion to see if there's a way we can collab. I'll reach out directly to your email