Why aren't we 100% solar yet?

  • Wouldn't there be a moment when demand for solar panels drives the prices down so much that it becomes cheaper to use the sun than to use fossil fuels?
    Does someone know where the bottleneck is? What's preventing big money to see the opportunity to invest heavily in solar financing, short the fossil fuel industry and profit from the renewable energy market?

    Is the bottleneck in the storage? A component in the photovoltaic cells? Whatever it is, what is the bottleneck of that thing? For example, if it's the cost of lithium, then what can be done to decrease the price of lithium? Does it have to do with how we're extracting it? I'm overall just baffled at how much $ sits in the US untouched, so I'm trying to understand the situation here.

  • @l42 Solar is cheaper than fossil fuels in many geographies already! Most new money flowing into energy development projects is going to clean energy. No one is going to shut down an already operational and profitable fossil fuel project through

    Energy markets are a dynamic thing. Demand is what it is and project developers build according to that

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