ClimateLink - great community in SF, Seattle, NYC

  • Discovered this great community in SF last night.

    Project Drawdown's director gave a presentation.

    Key takeaways

    • no more time to wait for governments. They are failing us. The people need to act.
    • need to change the wording surrounding climate change. For example replacing "sustainable" with "thriving," evoking greater emotional responses in people.
    • need to awaken leadership within all of us, to stir the story of climate change towards hope - and away from the current state of despair.

  • @l42 seeing as how it was in SF, was the community mostly made up of tech people? Anyone else?

  • Pretty diverse actually. Engineers, but also marketing, finance... The day I went they were partnering with another group called "Data Science for Sustainability" I believe, which was obviously mostly populated with engineers.

  • @l42 Awesome thanks! I'm curious about these kinds of meetups. Have you since gone to any others? Wonder if they could collaborate together maybe using a platform like this?

  • @l42 Wonder if there's any way to take these kind of meetups online in the wake of remote-everywhere transitions? People want to be in dense cities less and less

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