Idea: The Bank Of Earth = Eco-positive credit card. ISO: Collaborators

  • TLDR; The Bank Of Earth (BoE) will offer a credit card that plants trees for every purchase, as well as an app that is an eco footprint tracker. I’m looking for collaborators.

    Virtue is wealth, introducing the Bank Of Earth
    The world is growing out of mindless consumerism. People are realizing that virtue is real wealth. Taking care of ourselves, cultivating peace in our communities, nurturing our relationship with the Earth — those are the sources of real wealth.

    While money by itself does not necessarily translate to wealth, its movements have tremendous impacts on the way we all live. As such, money isn’t wealth, but a strategic instrument for its manifestation.

    We believe that the primary goal of a bank should be to accompany their clients towards wealth. It is time for banks to redefine their relationship with their clients.

    The Bank Of Earth is on a mission to support the cultivation of true wealth in the World.

    Many people feel helpless in regards to the challenges that humanity is facing. They think things can only be changed on a political level — they do not realize that they are the ones sustaining the destructive status quo through the way they move money in their lives.

    Oil extraction, deforestation, unsustainable farming, toxic industrial practices, are all sustained by consumers.
    Money is leverage for action. Who you give your money to is who you give leverage to. The problem is: the global economy has become so complex that it’s difficult to know where your money is going, and how to spend it wisely.

    It’s a shame because virtuous spending is often healthier not just for the planet, but for the health and the bank account. People are just stuck in a vicious circle because of a lack of accessible information to counteract mainstream mindless consumerism.

    The Bank of Earth provides a solution: environmental footprint tracking for people to know exactly how much they impact the planet, and what they can do about it. We want people just like they know how much money they have, to know exactly how much CO2 etc they're responsible for. An in-app barcode scanner is available to scan any product before buying it, see its CO2 footprint, and the company's ethics. Our credit card plants trees for every purchase, but also tracks expenses and gives people ways to reduce their carbon footprint.
    The data is super accessible through a minimalistic design, and can easily be shared on social media and indexed on search engines. Straight to the point quality information is our main content strategy for acquiring new users. Another one is vanity profile pictures with your CO2 score for social media virality.

    Why a bank? The vision is greater than a footprint tracker and credit card. My background is in algorithmic trading, ultimately I want to use ML and the data we have on our client's financial lives to detect opportunities for wealth through match making individuals, making an alternative circular economy more accessible.

    Looking for: insights, iOS developer, Node.js developer, financial network consultant, brand/visual designer.

  • @l42 Interesting concepts you're putting forward here. A few questions to spur discussion:

    • Starting a new financial institution seems like a big regulatory endeavour - what might a minimum viable product look like for this?
    • How might the Bank of Earth reassure users enough for them to be trusting with their financial data?

  • For the MVP, we don't have to be an actual bank. We can work with an existing bank on getting a co-branded card -- just like the ones sold by airline companies or some non profits.
    Trust: initially our clear affiliation with an actual bank should help + super clear privacy policies and security measures.

    My idea right now is to focus on getting the co2 tracker out. Then, use the co2 tracker as an acquisition channel, and maybe get instagram influencers to talk about us actively or passively using a co2 impact score sign on their profile picture. With a nice user mass and traffic, we may then release the co-branded credit card to this niche of ecoconscious individuals.

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