Environmental Scorecard for Politicians - scorecard.lcv.org

  • This is a great summary of how Politicians are voting about issues related to conservation and the environment. Thanks to @l42 for the tip about it.


    Example of a politician's score: http://scorecard.lcv.org/moc/dianne-feinstein

    Screen Shot 2019-11-20 at 5.57.15 PM.png

  • Anyone aware of trackers like this for other countries? Would be good to have global transparency on political action

  • So interesting.

    First of all, is there anyone in the country who is close to 50%? Are there any true moderates left? I couldn't find any, in my (admittedly cursory) look. It seems like in Ohio, Wisconsin, etc. half the people have 90+% and half have 10%; no one is actually representing the opinions of the full state.

    Looking at the scorecards in Florida makes me so sad, especially since Bill Nelson is no longer in office. Seeing Susan Collins' decline towards more radical policies is also a huge disappointment.

    I wonder why they don't do it for governors.

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