Implications of Autonomous Electric Vehicles

  • Hey guys, I wrote a blog post about how we might use our energy/transportation infrastructure in the future as part of our daily lives. I discussed my thoughts on how self-driving autonomous vehicles might help us to earn extra money and also lead to a greener society. Would love to hear your feedback

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  • Can't help but feel like the idea of remote work will become much more common by 2050. That alone should have some positive impact through less people commuting so far daily

  • @aviary I've noticed remote work becoming more widely accepted over the past few years. Most tech companies I'm familiar with offer remote working options.

  • @jbillz95 the current trend of people commuting long distances twice a day doesn't seem sustainable. I can easily see a future in which the majority of people who can work remotely do so. The tech community seems like the place where this should/would start

  • Not sure if this question is intended to cover investing, but I think it's very worthwhile to talk about sustainable/socially responsible investing.

    Most people have heard that it's possible to buy carbon offsets, where we donate money and hope that it's used to fund effective projects for abatement of emissions.

    But I think that investments, where we have a chance to get our money back and repeat the process, are far more interesting. The best example of this that I've found in Canada is a company called CoPower which sells "green bonds" and uses the capital to fund development of renewable energy projects.

    So I guess my answer is: we can move toward a sustainable future and make money doing it by investing smartly.

  • @nicwaller Copower is super interesting! In fact, I've been in contact with them over the years. They were just acquired by Vancity, which is a good fit.

    Totally agree that investing in clean tech and environmental causes are the way forward. I've written about it here. It's likely deserving of it's own thread if you have more interest in discussing

  • Thanks @ericvanular. It is a great fit and also personally exciting to go through an acquisition (disclosure: I work at CoPower/VCIB). We’re now set up to do a lot more, both in terms of financing green projects, continuing issuing green bonds (stay tuned), and also exploring how we might develop other investment products with social impact as well.

    @Nicwaller, you’re right that CoPower's green bonds are one of just a few opportunities individuals have to invest directly in clean energy projects, Solarshare is another. You might also be interested to read how others are taking a full portfolio approach. This is what I’m working toward myself -- happy to discuss if anyone is doing the same.

  • @Lauryn-Drainie Thanks for chiming in Lauryn! Happy to have you here. It would be awesome to learn more about CoPower as you progress. If you make a new "Projects" topic dedicated to you and your team, we can follow along! If you're open to that of course 😊

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