eevie - the eco-guide for a mindful and sustainable lifestyle

  • Hey all, very happy to find this great community and excited to participate in the discussions!

    I created an app called "eevie - eco habit tracker" that uses machine learning to help you form eco-friendly habits. I would be super thankful to get your guys' feedback and see how we can collaborate in the future. eevie is available on android and iOS, you can check out our app here:

    All the best,

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  • @Antonius-Willms Thanks for sharing and welcome! How are the eco-friendly habits reinforced? Does the user input their actions? Would love to learn more about eevie

  • @Eric-Vanular Thanks for your questions.

    eevie helps us make small changes on a daily basis by nudging us with actionable information in the right moments and by providing immediate feedback on how conscious decisions affect our day-to-day carbon footprint, from commuting to work to sourcing local produce and reducing plastic waste.

    In order to support behavior change, we have developed a system that uses machine learning to understand the daily routines of eevie users. This enables eevie to provide useful guidance and information in the relevant places and moments instead of generic out of place solutions. eevie, therefore, instantly helps us gain a greater awareness of our environment, and over time helps us adopt new habits to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

    You can get a bit more of an impression here in the next picture I posted below, or ideally, please download eevie for yourself. We would really appreciate all of your feedback so that together we can make a difference!

    eevie review preview 2.png

  • @Antonius-Willms eevie is a cool concept - I'll check it out! Does a user need to have the app for a while before it understands their daily habits?

  • @Sam-Hughes yes exactly, the longer you use the app, the better it will start understanding your behavior, which in reality is, the identification of your activities, e.g. shopping, eating out, commuting, etc. eevie then keeps checking if you have set any goals that fit your current activity, and if so, nudges you and helps you achieve these goals!

    We are still early days, and are making improvements daily. So your feedback will directly help us make the app better!

  • Neat idea. How is it similar/different to CODEX and Capture?

    Here's some other feedback I had after trying the app.

    Introduction (the storyline)

    • The illustrations are lovely
    • The "skip" button is a bit hard to read (iPhone SE, 4" screen")
    • The second slide ("then we became careless...") felt a bit over-the-top.
    • The slide "By changing our behaviour one small step at a time" seems to perpetuate the attitude that lifestyle/behavioural change on its own is sufficient. I'm not sure how this could be worded differently, but I'd rather see language that doesn't exclude more social-political changes.

    Impact Calculator

    • I like that the score numbers (yearly CO2 impact) are displayed very large.
    • How much does the country selection affect my score? That's not clear at all.
    • The slider for "how big is your home" has a very large range, and it's impossible to select a round number with my imprecise thumb. I'd rather see a rounded number displayed to me -- or even better, an illustration of a house or floor plan that grows with the slider. Right now it just doesn't feel very nice. (Actually, the next slider for "how much do you drive" behaves perfectly!)
    • The white and blue lines feel reversed on the slider -- it feels like it's filling from the right, instead of from the left.
    • Dragging any of the sliders slowly causes it to jump around crazily. This is most pronounced on the last slider ("how often do you shop...")
    • Showing my impact score next to the country average is a great idea. However, the app seems inconsistent in its use of "CO2" vs "greenhouse gases". Probably better to use CO2 in all places, unless other gases like methane (CH4) are being counted.

    Personal Plan

    • I guess everybody gets the same target: 4 tonnes CO2 by 2025, and the yearly goal is based on a linear interpolation toward that goal. However, the early reductions will probably be much easier than the later reductions, so I'd like to see a steeper curve in the first year that heads toward a plateau in the target year.

    Today's impact score

    • The non-rounded numbers for home/diet/travel/consumption are quite off-putting. (eg 5.60479362934)
    • On an iPhone SE (4" screen) there's no visible indication that scrolling down will yield additional content
    • Typo in "Today's Impact Score reflect [sic] your lifestyle's ..."


    • I received three (3) notifications in the span of about 5 minutes that all said: "eevie nudges you/to help you act on your habits!" This is very annoying. Don't do that.

    Select Habits

    • It's nice that a few habits are automatically marked "completed habit" based on my original answers
    • However, it's annoying that completed habits are always shown first (on the left). That means I need to scroll through all the completed ones to find the next available one.
    • All habits are presented equally, but they do not have equal impact. It might be helpful to people if there was some way to distinguish or sort by impact.
    • Choosing "I'm already doing this" doesn't seem to affect the daily score calculation at all

    That's all for now, but maybe I'll have more feedback later!

    Habit Review

    • It asks me "did you reuse your bag today?" but I didn't use any bags at all today. That doesn't fit into either of the available answers of "oops" or "yeah".

  • @nicwaller Some stellar feedback here.

    @Antonius-Willms I'd also love to learn more about how the app learns. Do most suggestions for all users start out the same way?

  • @nicwaller Wow! Thank you so much for this level of detail! The notification thing is odd, going to make sure to fix this right away. In general, we are doing a big update on the onboarding at the moment, so it is good to see most of your feedback in line with what we want to change!

    Concerning the Habit Review, you should be seeing a "Daily Review" where you can give a more fitting answer to your daily progress once you have selected some habits.

    In the next step, I would be especially interested to see what you think about our nudges, to they provide helpful information? Do they arrive in the right moments/context? In order to have the full functionality here we would obviously need your location permission.

    Next up we are going to introduce habit specific challenges soon. So basically breaking down the habits in different "to dos" that down the line help you stick at them and start forming your habit!

    Thank you again so much for your feedback, this is golden!! 😄


  • @nicwaller Concerning Capture/ Codex, I haven't been familiar with these apps yet. But it is really great news that more are pushing in the same direction!! I guess that the difference seems that they are more focussed on transportation tracking, whereas we are focussed on overall behaviour tracking (including transportation). We have trained a neural network to detect users activities, e.g. shopping, lunching, etc. in order to help them make the decisions to achieve their set goals, i.e. shop seasonal, eat less meat, etc.

    So we are more of a proactive coach I guess 🙂

  • @Eric-Vanular So I just answered a bit of that question to @nicwaller in response to the comparison with codex and capture. The suggestions depend on your behavior and set goals. As most of us behave quite similar, many suggestions will, therefore, be similar to users with the same preferences! What is different for all users is obviously the suggestions related to your current situation, i.e. where you live, whats available there, etc. We are for example currently testing out "place suggestion" trying to show people what kind of places are around them such as vegan restaurants, water refill stations, bike sharing stations or farmers markets. So these will obviously depend on your location!

  • @Antonius-Willms One challenge you might into is that what people say or self-report is often different from their actual actions. Reconciling the initial responses from onboarding questions with real life actions could be tricky

  • I don't know if this is the right place to do this, but we also launched on PH today (I actually discovered the collective there :)) and would be super thankful for anyones support:

    Thank you all!!

  • @Antonius-Willms Congrats! Looking forward to seeing how things progress for you

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