Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning

  • This research paper by some names at the forefront of the machine learning goes into great detail about some of the ways it can be used for climate positive actions. Amongst others, it raises ideas like:

    • Forecasting electricity supply/demand to match them more closely, reducing reliance on heavily polluting standby plants
    • Improving efficiency of freight routing
    • Precision agriculture including intelligent irrigation systems (which can save large amounts of water), automated disease/weed detection, and soil sensing

    Which ideas from the paper do you think are the most promising? Which could be actionable in the short term future?

  • @Eric-Vanular IMO having better computer vision applied to satellite imagery could be big for identifying where the biggest impacts of climate change are happening. It could work as an early detection signal for flooding and other damaging climate events. I'm certain insurance companies and those with $ on the line would love to be able to proactively identify these type of changes

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