Square Roots - Hyper-local farms in shipping containers.

  • The Square Roots team is great. I've taken a tour of their buildings and their setup is seriously cool.

    Inside a Square Roots shipping container farm

    This farming technique is hyperlocal, and uses very little water. The indoor grow lamps do require a fair amount of energy, but they've optimised the color spectrum to reduce energy use.

  • @Eric-Chaves I love seeing the amount of technology/data they've infused into a conventional process like farming. Looks like Square Roots is growing herbs (basil, chives, mint) to start with - any word on if they are looking to expand to different crops? I understand that they would want to maximize revenue per square foot but it would be cool to see this applied to a variety of vegetables. Also did you get any idea of the volume of crops they might be producing?

  • @Eric-Vanular Not 100% sure, but this article says:

    "Each Square Roots farm “campus” might contain 10 shipping containers, each of which will create one job for a local person interested in the Next-Gen Farmer Training Program. Each campus can grow around 50,000 pounds of produce per year, which will feed directly into the local food supply."

    Another quote about how they use data:
    "The farms are all connected, so as more come online, Peggs says the company will receive more data about what conditions lead to the best yields, and will be able to use that knowledge to increase efficiencies and introduce more diverse crops to their operations."

    There are other companies working on this same tech. And the idea isn't without its detractors. But I think it's important to give the tech time to experiment and prove how well it can scale.

    An easy way to understand the positive impact they could have is to think of the "salad in January" problem: Rather than shipping salad around the world, we could grow it in our own city with artificial summer conditions.

    Oh, and, they do sell their produce in shops around New York. And I can confirm that it really is delicious even if a bit pricey for now.

  • @Eric-Chaves 50000 lbs of produce/year seems like a decent amount! It likely is small potatoes (pun intended) compared to the total volume moved in a place like Brooklyn. I regularly eat greenhouse-grown tomatoes which are great. I'm curious about the economics behind projects like Square Roots...

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