Climate Change, a pragmatic guide

  • Although most of my discussions about climate change are with people who are already familiar with the science, I do occasionally have a chance to introduce somebody who is interested but doesn't know much yet. For cases like that, it's great to have a resource I can share as a follow-up.

    For that purpose, I was delighted to come across this webpage Climate Change: a pragmatic guide that was written by the team behind the upcoming Tmrow/Tomorrow app.

    This resource is very approachable, and is much better for sharing than pointing somebody at the extremely lengthy and confusing IPCC reports!

  • One of our own @Martin-Collignon is actually part of the tmrow team. I'd encourage anyone who is interested in a pragmatic approach to read the document you linked. Hopefully we can help them to have a successful launch!

  • @nicwaller The focus on pragmatism is refreshing. I think a big problem is that a lot of climate discussion currently is too high level for your average person. It doesn't feel actionable at all

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