UK will form Citizens' Assembly for Climate

  • I was delighted to see this in the news! And it seems like we might have XR to thank for this development.

    BBC News, Nov 2, 2019: Climate change: Thousands invited to join citizens' assembly

    Anyone who has being paying attention has probably already heard of XR/Extinction Rebellion. They've earned a bit of airtime over the last year by organizing peaceful civil disobedience, and they've had a few publicity stunts. They have three main demands, the third of which is to create a citizens' assembly on climate. So now it seems like the XR tactics have worked in the UK, because the government is forming a citizens' assembly exactly as demanded. We can probably learn something from this movement.

  • @nicwaller I like the idea of peaceful activism

    I think that when environmental activism turns chaotic and violent, it does a great disservice to the overall sustainability movement and casts us all in an extremely poor light. As you've highlighted, civil disobedience that is conducted in a level-headed and organized way can achieve a lot!

    We should try to collaborate with groups like that. It would be great to get some of the dialogue going on a site like this as well. I'd love to have an open AMA on here with anyone from the XR leadership. How might we be able to make that happen?

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