Ask your city to be a Good Food City

  • The C40 Cities group recently launched a new initiative called Good Food Ciites. This is a pledge by major cities around the world to transform their food systems to be much more sustainable within 10 years.

    Cities committing to this declaration will work with citizens to achieve a ‘Planetary HealthDiet’ for all by 2030, with balanced and nutritious food, reflective of the culture, geography, and demography of their citizens.

    They will achieve this by implementing the following measures by 2030:

    • Aligning our food procurement to the Planetary Health Diet, ideally sourced from organic agriculture.
    • Supporting an overall increase of healthy plant-based food consumption in our cities by shifting away from unsustainable, unhealthy diets.
    • Reducing food loss and waste by 50% from a 2015 baseline.
    • Within two years of endorsing this declaration, working with citizens, businesses, public institutions and other organizations to develop a joint strategy for implementing these measures and achieving these goals inclusively and equitably, and incorporating this strategy into our Climate Action Plan.

    It is essential to get most cities on board with this, as discussed in another thread on this board.

    You can do your part by writing to your mayor and city council, encouraging them to adopt the Good Food Cities pledge. Then ask your friends to do the same, and pass the message on!

  • @nicwaller love this idea! Real change comes from the top.

    Have you seen actual change as a result of this initiative? I see a list of signatory cities but not sure if they have actually started taking action or to what extent?

  • @nicwaller how would cities get unilateral support on this? sounds interesting but really hard to pull off

  • @Cali-Johnston The declaration is less than a month old, so no I haven’t seen any real change yet. I am eager to see what the future holds!

  • If these cities could actually achieve even half of what they're proposing it would be quite an impact!

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