Project Drawdown

  • One of my favourite resources for understanding what we can do about climate change is Project Drawdown. The project evaluated 80 different major options for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, and attempted to estimate the realistic costs and effectiveness of each.

    There are a few well-known solutions on there like wind turbines and solar farms, but I guarantee there are a few surprises as well.

  • @nicwaller Love project drawdown! It's one of the things that got me into conservation to begin with. The pragmatic viewpoint is sorely missing in a lot of climate discussion today

  • @Felix-G

    I attended a Project Drawdown meetup in Portland, OR. I was sorely disappointed, as the majority of participants drove to the event. It seems as if their message, while good, does not do enough to advocate for personal behavioural change. When the problem is the big polluters, or even educating woman in Africa, it takes the onus off your personal choices which, while it may feel better, is NOT a solution.

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