Pros/Cons with viewing change through the Climate Justice lens?

  • Climate justice takes the challenge of climate while holding as a tenet that low-income individuals and communities are more exposed to environmental hazards and pollution that those that actually contribute to climate pollution. From the wiki:

    Communities of color, women, indigenous groups, and people of low-income all face an increased vulnerability to climate change. These groups will be disproportionately impacted due to heat waves, air quality, and extreme weather events.

    I want to check with this community on whether this is the right lens to view the problem though, and what the trade-offs are when viewing it this way.

  • @skaushik92 I mean it's kind of a fact that poorer coastal nations will be subject to natural disasters at a disproportionately higher rate. That being said, I don't think that always needs to be the lens that you take on things - ultimately it's a global issue that affects everyone

  • @skaushik92 what's your hesitation with viewing it that way?

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