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  • Welcome to Collective.Energy

    We are a community of individuals striving to work together for a better future.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    1. What is this?

    Collective.Energy is an attempt to solve the problem of not knowing what you can do personally to fight climate change. It is an online community that empowers members towards positive climate action.

    2. What will Collective.Energy do for me?

    By joining our community, you will get several benefits (PS it's free):

    • Get the inspiration, ideas, feedback, and support you've been needing to have a big impact
    • Build a following for your project
    • Learn best practices from more experienced doers
    • Receive a platform to grow your profile in the sustainability community
    • Obtain feedback early and often to guide you
    • Raise the funding you need
    • Connect you with like-minded people everywhere around the world
    • Keep you motivated every step of the way
    • Stay up to date on new developments relating to climate action

    3. Why make this?

    It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the gravity of the climate crisis. We realized that there was power in the collective. That our total energy could be really effective if only there was a place to bring it together. That place is here.

    4. What should I do first?

    Step 1. Make an account 📧
    Step 2. Read through some threads that you find interesting 👀
    Step 3. Get involved. Comment on an ongoing discussion. Think you have nothing to say? Start a new thread and ask for advice on what you can do. Big actions start with small actions today ✍

    Thank you for caring. Let's build something special.

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