Green Hydrogen from sea water & renewable energy for the maritime and renewable energy industries

  • Is nuclear propulsion for ships a viable option?

  • @zanzibar Yes and no. Probably not for commercial vessels. The discussions with ship operators around hydrogen centered on combustion engines not only because of the necessary power but also because fuel cells are way more complex. The overarching reaction was: our crews can repair a combustion engine but they won't be able to repair a fuel cell. And if power fails mid journey there is no road assistance available. In short: what goes on a ship has to be robust. Don't think crews could handle a nuclear reactor.

  • @cjbenedikt What kind of timeline do you project it would take to get green hydrogen production infrastructure established in new ports?

  • @Cali-Johnston We will launch our pilot next year in Rotterdam. If it works according to plan we want to launch the next one in Sohar followed by Gladstone. If we find the right partner and the necessary funding we would like to establish ourselves in sixty ports within 5 years. That's ambitious but can be done.

  • @cjbenedikt I've been working on issues of climate change as well. My Liverpool Fulbright was on Labor and Climate Change. Met interesting people working on the production of green hydrogen like the turf and surf project in Orkney, and a number of places in Norway, such as Floro. From the point of view of sustainability, it is important that energy production and distribution be socially owned.

  • @vprice The social benefits gained from sustainability projects are underrated. Try to get those individuals engaging here and we can provide support to their projects!

  • @cjbenedikt You're technology sounds interesting and it would be great to get more information. I'm an engineer working at an international engineering consulting firm. I work predominately with our Iron & Steel clients, and many of these clients are attempting to increase their investments (both financial and technological adaptation) in green technologies given the immense CO2 emissions from this industry. Green hydrogen technologies are seen by many to be the future of the steel industry (check out The Mission Possible Report published by ETC last year (here), Figure 6.1 on page 110 has an interesting perspective. Currently many of the major steel producers (particularly within Europe) are developing green hydrogen production methods (i.e. ArcelorMittal with H2Hamburg, SSAB with Hybrit, and voelstalpine with H2Future) however the green hydrogen production is currently viewed as a "black box" until it is economically feasible. As well, many of the worlds largest mining firms (i.e. Vale, BHP, and Rio Tino) have publically stated they plan to invest in technologies to reduce their Scope 3 emissions - green hydrogen production for the steel industry (in my opinion) would fall into this category. Have you considered reaching out to any companies in these sectors? I would be happy to provide more information, feel free to reach out to me!

  • @Alisha-Giglio
    Hi Alisha, thanks for reaching out and the ETC report.
    Wasn't aware of the report but def about the European steel industry's activities with respect to green hydrogen. We haven't had a chance yet to make any intros into the industry yet so any help would be much appreciated. Also reached out to you via LinkedIn so you can contact me directly. While we are a Dutch company I'm based in the US. Thanks again.

  • @cjbenedikt Love that this kind of collaboration is happening here!

    You mentioned that your pilot is launching this year in Rotterdam. Any idea when it might be?

  • @Felix-G We are targeting the 4th quarter of this year but haven't set a fixed date yet.

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