The New Economics of Saving the World

  • Hi friends. I wrote another new post - this one is about how we can use capitalism to help the planet. I'm really curious about what you think of this one.

    The New Economics of Saving the World

    Paradoxically, the way to help create solutions to the climate crisis is the same way we got into this mess - by following the money. Most people realize that we all need to create impactful solutions to the urgent environmental situation. An obvious reason why this isn’t the case already is... click to continue

    Thanks as always for your support

  • @ericvanular nice article. One thought I had is that distributed energy resources don't seem like they would be able to get the same economies of scale that large centralized generation projects can?

  • I would think that a carbon tax is somewhat in this direction. It's a market based approach to incentivizing reducing emissions

  • @aviary that's definitely true. I think what's likely in the short term is having base load provided by centralized generation and having the variable peak power covered by distributed technologies which can come on and off the grid quickly to match demand

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