Collective.Energy Alternatives?

  • I've been searching for a platform like for years without luck. Now I must sadly realize that it isn't as crowded as I hoped. However, if anyone knows alternatives to IT'S YOU.

    What I seek: an open collaborative online community building innovative impact ideas together to solve common/global issues like climate change.

    Any recommendations welcome 😃🖖

  • Hey @Martin-Lichtblau! I'm excited about the collaborative potential of an online community for solving climate issues as well.

    Rather than trying to drive people to a new platform however - why don't we try to build up the community here. It seems that early users would have an outsized influence in developing the atmosphere that they want to see! Let's use the tools we already have, no?

  • @Sam-Hughes Glad to hear that someone cares. And your approach sounds logical, however, I have much more in mind than this and a classical one-dimensional forum may not be the right format. But that's not the point for now.

    • You don't know any alternative. Neither do I. Even so I looked far and wide. Only a few similar sites: CoCreate - Global Co-Creation Challenge, WEAll, Edgeryders -> nothing professional and popular.
    • ? Why didn't attract more active users?
    • ? Would young people that demand change actually take part to learn and grow impact ideas together?

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