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  • Plastic pollution is one of the most pressing problems the world faces today. Plastic objects clog up landfill sites, they destroy ecosystems, and they pollute the food and water we use every day.

    From cutlery to plastic bags, we’ve been conditioned into accepting a throw away lifestyle as the new normal - and as a result, reliance of single-use disposables has increased exponentially. At work, this is no exception. We rely on snacks wrapped in plastic, meal-deal sandwiches, plastic straws, and coffee cups that are thrown away just minutes after being used for the first time.

    But it’s time for collective change.

    While governments focus on cutting down domestic waste, we are yet to see a much-needed and concerted effort from businesses and the private sector, who are poised to make an enormous contribution to leadership, innovation and energy in solving the plastic pollution crisis.

    Which is why we came up with Greenlist.

    We’re looking to empower companies; giving them the right tools to create and promote a sustainable office lifestyle, while driving change in their businesses in a way that feels natural. Without nagging or finger-pointing, we help businesses to encourage individual employees to lead by example and influence other staff in being more cautious about plastic pollution and using resources sustainably.

    When we act collectively we can inspire HUGE change - and the same applies to the Green Revolution. It really is a team effort.

    Help your business work towards a greener, cleaner and better future for all.

    Sign up to Greenlist today.

  • @Maxime-De-Greve thanks for sharing Greenlist. I'd love to learn more about who "we" is?

    Also, I'm not totally clear on exactly what your product does. It looks like a Slack integration? The page is beautiful but the messaging could be more clear and to the point. Can you clarify how Greenlist helps?

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