WebCarbon Calculator - calculate your digital co2 footprint

  • Hello dear Community,

    I have developed since July 2019 the WebCarbon Calculator, a tool set of different own created calculators to calculate the digital footprint of different kind of tasks:

    • sending mails
    • upload and download files to a cloudstorage
    • watching videos on youtube or movies on netflix or amazon
    • web conferencing and how much you can save co2 compared to travel in person + visual comparing of data volume consumption and how much which messenger/meeting tool is consuming your data volume and causing co2
    • newly added, the porn calculator where you just add you porn video from youporn or pornhub and you get out how much co2 its causing (Dont underestimate porn 😉 its most streamed on the internet)

    I continuing the development and will add further functions with time, yes the site is made simple to keep a low carbon footprint and kept load fast.

    Unfortunately, it didnt got much attention for now, so finding a way of monetizing it is hard



    Its available in german and english, language get automatically selected by your system default language. If you are interested in helping for monetizing or in translating, feel free to contact me.
    If someone want help to translate it, its welcome drop me a message on info@digitaler-harz.de (with the WebCarbon Calculator Translation as Subject please :), so it can be assigned better)

    Please test it, Feedback welcome

  • @petrk thanks for sharing the WebCarbon Calculator. This is something we all grapple with as the web is a critical part of life in 2020. It clearly does good as well, bringing together communities of people towards action (like here!)

    I'm curious, relative to other emission-causing activities - how does the average browsing session compare? My natural tendency would be to assume that it is a pretty marginal effect but I've never crunched the numbers on it!

  • @Eric-Vanular thank you 🙂
    Feedback is very important for me, in west countries its nearly unknown and didnt get attention, even its since last year in development, see the about page.
    I have plans to make it better, an account system is in planning as well a chrome extension, which will collect youtube video data, so you can be always on track, what you are causing on co2.

    Unfortunately, Im not a fan of Ads, but its required to get monetize it, well, I have to advertise it on Google, so with the Ads on the site, it give me 20% of the money back what I invest into advertising, not much, but otherwise it didnt get shown up and people recognize it.
    Sponsors are not available and Investors are not interested in this as its something what people dont like to know^^.
    Im looking even for volunteer translators, so I can provide it to more people, who didnt speak english well, but yeah, finding volunteers is hard today.

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