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Why would I promote?

Collective.Energy is a community of people who care deeply about positive environmental progress. If you want to reach that audience, this is the perfect place to do it. Your brand will appear alongside new discussions from climate innovators and global environmental leaders. Promoted posts attract thousands of views/clicks from decision makers and influential people in the environmental world.

Can anything be promoted?

Promoted posts are designed to surface businesses, products, and projects that align with the mission of the Collective.Energy community. Please don't submit a request to promote something that goes against that.

Where do promoted posts appear on Collective.Energy?

Promoted posts are fixed within the current Recent & Popular pages. They are organically blended into the existing threads and are not subject to ad-blockers.

How much does it cost to promote something?

Prices are ultimately based on market demand. Promotion is limited to only one spot per day to the entire Collective.Energy community. Contact us to reserve your spot and learn more about our pricing.

Can you tell me more about the Collective.Energy audience?

Collective.Energy is the place to go for launching climate solutions. Many in our community come here to discover the latest in green technology and climate-positive businesses. It's a global audience reaching tens of thousands of viewers every month, eager to share and discover awesome climate innovations. The audience includes:

  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Ecological researchers
  • Industry leaders in climatology, environmental engineering, clean energy, etc
  • Green job seekers
  • Students
  • Many more diverse backgrounds

Why are you trying to make money?

This community costs us a fair amount to keep running. We are big fans of social enterprise and in order for us to devote the many hours that it takes to keep Collective.Energy awesome, we need to pay the bills too. If you take issue with promoted posts, consider donating to us instead here.