Welcome to Collective.Energy

We are a community of individuals working together to combat climate change.

What is Collective.Energy?

Collective.Energy is an attempt to solve the problem of not knowing what you can do personally to fight climate change. It is a community for crowdsourcing, developing, and launching climate solutions.


What will Collective.Energy do for me?

By joining our community, you will get several benefits:
āœ” Build a following for your sustainability projects
āœ” Receive a platform to grow your profile in the green community
āœ” Connect you with like-minded people everywhere around the world
āœ” Keep you motivated every step of the way
āœ” Get inspiration, feedback, and support to move from idea to plan to action
āœ” Raise the funding you need to turn plans into reality
āœ” Stay up to date on new developments relating to climate action


What should I do first?

Step 1. Make an account šŸ“§
Step 2. Read some threads šŸ‘€
Step 3. Comment on an ongoing discussion āœ
Think you have nothing to say? Start a new thread and ask for advice on what you can do. Big effects start with small actions today. Even just adding your voice to the discussion accomplishes something

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